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Introducing the Multi-Talented ESD rxnni

October 11, 20232 min read

If you’re looking for the freshest sounds in trap and rap, then you have to check out ESD rxnni. This multi-talented artist has been taking the music industry by storm, with their raw energy and powerful lyrics. They are sure to have you singing along in no time.

ESD rxnni, or Ronni, hails from East Side Orlando, Florida and has been a part of the music industry for most of their life. Since they were in diapers, they have been learning and mastering instruments, and taking on a variety of different genres. Being part of a musical and artistic family, Ronni’s twin and them both play instruments and they grew up in a church where the music caught their interest. This is where they learned to sing, write, and play, and had their first music teacher who made sure they were engaged and passionate. The drums were the first instrument Ronni learned to play.

So, where did their artist name come from? Well, Ronni is from the Dominican Republic and their nickname is Ronni, shortened to “rxnni”, and then with the “ESD” for East Side Orlando.

The first concert Ronni ever attended was the Pierce the Veil/Sleeping with Sirens collab world tour, which truly set the tone for the music industry they wanted to be a part of. Ronni’s music is best described as dark rap/trap and drill. Their creative process is unique and begins with a bar or something inspiring that they write down in their phone, and then when they either hear or produce a beat they like, they go into their notes and put bars together with revision to make it flow.

Inspired by the message they want to share, Ronni’s main inspiration is to make sure that message is heard. They admire King Von the most, and their message to fans is to, “If someone tells you that you can't, do it with twice the energy you originally meant to”. Ronni’s fans are loyal, and they create for both themselves and their fans.

It is very important to learn, study and understand old music and music history, and Ronni agrees. If they could have a musician tag along with them on tour for one month, it would be NLE Choppa. What Ronni enjoys the most about being an artist is coming up with new ideas and collaboration. Check out the music on all platforms.

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