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Introducing Omernac: The Next Generation of Pop Punk

November 21, 20232 min read

If you’re a fan of pop punk, then you need to know about Omernac. This 18-year-old artist is on the rise and bringing the next generation of pop punk to the music industry. With his unique style and sound, he’s making waves and creating a niche for himself.

Growing up, Omernac was surrounded by music. His family loved bands like Simple Plan, Blink-182, and All Time Low! His grandpa even handed down his old guitar to him. This set Omernac on his musical journey, which led him to his alias Omernac.

At the start of his career, Omernac was producing lofi beats on Bandlab and now he’s making full pop punk tracks with 4-5 different instruments all recorded in studio. His main inspiration was the band With Confidence, and he wanted to prove that there are people in the newer generation that also love pop punk and can make songs that sound as good or even better than some of those 2000's bands.

Omernac has a message for all his fans: Every person matters, especially now. He appreciates every person that reaches out and says they enjoy his music. He also sees anyone that would listen to his music as someone who knows what they’re looking for when it comes to music.

Omernac creates music for everyone, including himself. He loves the creative process of growing a fan base, making connections, and seeing that slow climb. He loves making music and hearing everything come together, which always puts a smile on his face.

Outside of music, Omernac likes to play games, go to the theatre, and just hang out with friends and family. He balances his music with his other obligations like school and family. On the weekends, he works on music, writing and producing.

If you’re into pop punk, then be sure to check out Omernac’s music. You can find his music on Spotify at https://spotify.link/l4SXKzQ1QDb and contact him on Kojji at https://withkoji.com/@Omernac?fbclid=PAAabLUA2rxw72D9OkCwRQA8Dq03njyt7aTZs04bw4vwFncWfevIKbQWun_-k.  Don’t miss out on this rising artist!

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