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Introducing KPR World: The Artist Who Keeps Going Despite Life's Challenges

January 06, 20242 min read

No matter what life throws at you, KPR World isn't backing down anytime soon. The artist knows the power of music and how it can carry you through any situation. With a mix of punk/emo rap and alternative pop, KPR World is all about switching things up and giving people a look into his life.

KPR World, born K.P., grew up in a creative environment with his mother's paintings. Music was always a source of inspiration. He listened to a lot of Peep, knowing that someone else could relate to the same struggles. It was this connection that made KPR World feel a calling to the mic. It was then that he decided to book his first session and record four songs.

From there, KPR World has been all self-taught. He has a wide imagination and interest in learning/wordplay that has helped him hone his skills. KPR World is proud of his ability to switch between creating hype rock tracks and soft acoustic ones. All while staying true to himself.

KPR World's biggest inspirations are Peep and Juice, Mac, and his closest friends. He admires all the people chasing their dreams and making an impact in the music industry. He wants to be there for anyone dealing with something and continue to create.

When asked what skill is most useful in the music industry, KPR World said, "Know how to do it all, the more skills you have the better." He also shared that he enjoys being an artist because he gets to be himself unapologetically.

KPR World's creative process is all about feeling it out. When he finds the beat he feels is the one, he hums out melodies until he finds one that fits. He used to write more but he wants to get back into it.

KPR World has lots of projects in the works, including an acoustic EP coming out in early March and a big feature on the way. He also just dropped the Bite The Bullet music video.

Social media has changed the music industry entirely, with content available 24/7. KPR World said, "It's hard for people to truly filter out the trash until they come across something they like."

The musician is balancing his music career with his other obligations, such as school and family. He makes it work by reserving his off days to record.

KPR World's message to his fans is to never give up and keep creating.

Check out his music at the link below!

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