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Daysen: From Self Healing to Inspiring Fans Through Music

May 17, 20232 min read


Daysen has been passionate about music since his early years. Although

he wasn’t from a musical or artistic family, his daughter inspired him

to become a part of the music industry and pursue his dreams. He first

learned to play the french horn and then went on to learn to sing,

write and play music all on his own through trial and error. His first

music teacher was an inspiring one, and his first concert was Lil


Daysen’s music is energetic and his creative process is to just “go


with the flow at the time”. His main inspiration is his fans and he

admires Starlito the most. His message for his fans is to keep

grinding and keep living. He creates for both himself and his fans,

and enjoys both listening to and creating music. His style has evolved

since the beginning of his career and his main competitor is himself.

He believes it is very important to learn, study, and understand old

music and music history.


Daysen’s best performance is yet to come and if the audience looks

bored during his performance, he will get creative. He has encountered

the biggest problem of lack of skill in his journey of music and if he

could change one thing about the music industry, it would be that AI

is not allowed. He enjoys the complete freedom that comes with being

an artist and believes that networking is one of the most useful

skills in the music industry. To handle frequent travels and being

away from home for long periods of time, he makes music, and he

handles working evenings and nights by just doing it.

You can find Daysen’s music on Spotify, and contact him through

Instagram. As he keeps pushing for his dreams and inspiring his fans

with his music, it will be exciting to see what more he has in store

for us!

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